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By: Femi Robinson.

Published June 2nd, 2014

I have decided today to take on headlong those who need to be stopped if we want peace and unity in the Nation by making my opinion known through the media since every effort is being made to silence my voice.

It is my hope that in making my opinions known I would save a nation that has been taken over by ‘vampire bats’ who plan to eat up all the green leaves and leave the people with their dirty entrails.


Elections will soon take place in some states in South West Nigeria but even at my age I should not just seat down and be rolled over.

I am very much interested in the future of three States whose fortunes could decide the continued existence of the nation called Nigeria. If we fail to act now, we will live to regret our actions.

The elections are here. Who should you vote for? Why should you vote for him? Everyone is talking about CHANGE..CHANGE….CHANGE.. But are they fully aware what this would means to government and what a drastic change could cause the people?

Today I want to begin with Osun State where the campaign has heated up seriously.

Please note that this is my opinion and I stand by it. You do not have to agree with me but, who knows we might strike a beautiful chord, ‘PEACE, LOVE AND GOODWILL TOWARDS MEN’.

It is my belief that we should give an incumbent a re-election mandate on the provision that he has performed well in order to guarantee security and non violent credible elections. The first term should be used to assess his ability to fulfill his promise.

It is in this light that I want to suggest that we vote for the person not the party because a performing Governor or President must from the day he is sworn in be the people’s man.

Is it not our fathers who say ‘If you give a mad man a hoe, he will till the land to himself’; but they also say ‘You do not kill the he goat for being naughty’. Nobody is perfect and we should not expect every leader to be.

In Osun State I will stick myself out for Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. I have made it clear even to him that I do not like his politics but I like his policies and for that I continue to support him not his party.

It is necessary to know that in our political system no one can aspire to leadership position unless he gangs up with people of diverse characters. To some politicians this could be a case of the end justifying the means and you may find a people-oriented Governor among a pack of wolves.

To me Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola fits that bill because of the infrastructural developments that have taken place in the State. You do not have to be told that Osun State has no industries. Even the Steel Rolling Mills in Oshogbo is nothing to write home about. However nobody can take away the Tourism potentials of this historic land mass. Nobody can claim ownership of this ‘product’ from the people. Nobody can take the beautiful TOURISM FACE OF OSUN from her.

The old face of Osun State tourism was not accessible because of bad roads and poor infrastructures. Now Osun can boast of an Industry that will outlive many generations as long as there is peace and unity among the people.

We must not forget the devastations caused by political rivalry in many parts of the world. There should be no do or die politics in the South West. For me Aregbesola has secured his mandate with the people of Osun. Tourism development needs peace, love and unity to thrive. We do not need a change to some one or a new party. After all they all have the same manifesto….ALL FOR TALK..CHOP FOR FEW…


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