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Sahara Reporters is basically an online news agency founded in the year 2006 by Nigerian political activist Omoyele Sowore. This news agency is specifically significant because it allows citizen journalism. This means, Sahara Reporters encourages everyday people, from all backgrounds of the social ladder to report real stories, based on Nigeria, which could be about corruption, political misconduct, abuses to human right and all other topics. The reports that are submitted to the Sahara Reporters by the regular people regarding Nigeria could be in the form of official document, video, photo, news report or anything else. Over five thousand reports, coming from regular people belonging to various walks of life, have been successfully issued by the Sahara Reporters since its first formation in the year 2006.





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The Guardian
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Daily Trust
Daily Independent
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All interested Sahara Reporters loyalty believe in freedom of opinion and expression, which is the freedom to hold and express opinions without interference. Stakeholders also believe in the right to receive and impart ideas and information across all channels of media, regardless of borders.

Sahara Reporters got attention from all over the world, in the year 2009 because it delivered the photos of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who is also known as the underwear bomber. He is the suspected terrorist who is accused of blowing up the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 which occurred on the Christmas Day with a bomb that exploded inside his underwear. After this incident, Sahara Reporters got a lot of prestige and importance for the quick and useful delivery of useful information. The Nigerian government has made a security watch list which has Sahara Reporters on top and it is used at all entry and exit points at Nigeria. Sahara Reporters has received donations from Ford foundation ($175,000) and Omidyar Foundation ($450,000) to help facilitate its proper functioning.

The importance of Sahara Reporters, specifically for Nigeria is immense and this is the reason for which this organization has received various calls and letters of threat from illegal organizations and people whose intentions have been exposed. In this regard it must also be mentioned that Sahara Reporters are protected by First Amendment.

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